Are you planning to go on a long or multi-day horse trip? These horse-riding tips will make a difference between an enjoyable and a painful, tedious journey.

Learn to Ride Horses

Horse treks are not for beginner riders unless you are going for the short, flat trails. If you are not a regular rider, be sure to have some lessons and rides out before you go on long trips. You need to lengthen and strengthen the muscles in your legs. This will prevent saddle sores and other injuries. Be sure also to learn how to alleviate pain and injuries that result from falling or long horse rides.

Trip Selection

The first thing to do before you go horse trekking is to choose a trail. This depends on your destination, tour operator, and skill level. If you are not using your own horse, you certainly are going to hire one for your ride. You may consult with the tour operator to know the best horse treks. Here are some of the best horse treks in New Zealand:

  • Pakiri Beach
  • Peel Forest
  • Wairoa
  • Cardona
  • Paradise Valley

Consider watching videos or reading blogs online about New Zealand’s top horse treks. Or maybe you can ask your friends and colleagues about the best horse trails.


Make sure that you know which equipment the organiser is providing. Ask in advance, so that you can bring your own just in case what is supplied does not meet your standards. Do they provide hats, boots, and waterproofs? Carry a camera to record your experiences. A map may be useful if you are not so familiar with the terrain. You may bring your phone to ensure that you are in contact with the organisers or loved ones. Food and drinks will keep you going if you are on a multi-day horse trek.