New Zealand offers many options for where you can go jet boating. Once you have the confidence, you can try out jet boating in some of the popular spots.

Where To Go

  • Huka Falls Releasing 200000 litres of water per second, the Huka Falls in New Zealand is the perfect place to go for jet boating. You will also get a beautiful view of the water tumbling down. It is among the most popular places for tourists to go jet boating.
  • Rotorua: This place is where people who want to hire jet boats go to get good deals. It is an ideal place for people who want to jet boat while watching the beauty of the waters. There are local landmarks such as Sulphur Bay and Mokoia that have a deep history.
  • Auckland Jet Tours: Most reviews say that the 35 minutes or so jet boat ride that you get from the Auckland Jet Boat Tours is worth the time. You can experience the thrill either alone or with friends who want to have unforgettable memories,
  • Waikato River: This is the longest river in New Zealand, and it is the perfect place for people who want to take a ride on super fast boats. The fact that the river is vast allows for the riders to go a little longer than in other water bodies. The other advantage of going jet boat riding in the Waikato River is the fact that you will see many interesting things like Tutukau Gorge and Orakei Korako.
  • Christchurch: At Christchurch, people who are passionate about jet boating can go to the Canyon of the Waimakariri River or the braided shallows. You will have a glimpse of some of the most scenic places, and if you are with a guide, you will get a brief history of Christchurch.