So, you have booked for your jet boating trip in New Zealand, and you are now searching for what to bring with you? Well, you need to be prepared for you to enjoy the experience.

What to Carry on a Jet Boating Trip

  • Sun protection: To avoid getting sunburn, carry sunscreen, sunglasses, and a protective hat.
  • Warm clothing: Once you get to the water and start jet boating, the weather can get very cold. You need a jacket, and comfortable shoes to prevent you from freezing.
  • Camera/Smartphone: If you want to immortalise the moment and share it with your family and friends, you should carry a smartphone or camera. Just remember to be careful so as not to drop it in the water.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jet Boating

  • How wet do people get?

A jet boating trip will always spray water and give you a thrill. Fortunately, most companies that organise the tours provide protective gear that will keep you mostly dry.

  • What is the recommended clothing to wear?

Anything comfortable is vital. Avoid wearing stilettos and open shoes because the boat moves at breakneck speed, and you need to be stable.

  • Is it okay to carry bags and other items?

Unless you have to, it is highly discouraged to have a massive load with you.

  • Can jet boating be done during winter?

Yes. As long as the boat can be kept heated.

  • Is there an age limit for jet boating?

Yes. If there are children, they must be above two years old, and they should be big enough to fit into the life jackets meant for them.

  • Can pregnant women ride?

Pregnant women are discouraged from going jet boating.

  • Is jet boating safe?

Yes. All companies that are certified to provide jet boating trips have safety measures in place.